cocoa in the 1950's

Our History

. . . . . where it started

New Guinea Islands Produce Company Limited (NGIP) originated from the Tolai Cocoa Project (TCP), which was established in 1955 at the behest of four Tolai Local Government Councils.

The company was set up as a co-operative buying venture to by small holder cocoa on East New Britain.
It was a large venture operating 18 fermentries and processing 1510 tonnes of dry cocoa in 1965.
The TCP was strongly supported by the Australian Administration through loan guarantees and secondment of staff.

In 1968 it was estimated to process 60% of all smallholder cocoa but from this time onwards its share declined with the advent and growth of traders, particularly Chinese traders.
Fierce competition exsisted and it has continued until today.

NGIP was incorporated in 1971.
It has 3850 shareholders of whom 2970 live in East New Britain Province and the remainder are spread throughout Papua New Guinea (PNG).